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Howard Fortescue

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Cwmbran, South Wales.
+44 (0)1633 864 390
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For slight water ingress or just dampness caused by perspiration then the TriDri should make short work of removing the moisture and get your suit dry again in a couple of hours

Neil Hope, Dive Magazine

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Product Development & Technology

My company, Howard F Fortescue Ltd, helps businesses in South wales to develop new products.
Howard F Fortescue Ltd also supports manufacturing facilities in Europe which have Sony Blu-ray Mastering systems.
From many years of industrial experience HFF Ltd and its associates can deal with a wide range of technologies including:
Lasers, optoelectronics, vacuum systems, electroforming. clean-rooms, software, electronics, optics, design and many more….

In 2016 I sold my share in Fortescue Wilson Ltd which manufactures and markets SCUBA accessories.
The flagship product is my invention TriDri®. (
This dries the inside of a SCUBA diving drysuit or any similar suit or waders with permanently attached boots.
It is a simple to use, light and portable telescopic tube device. It has a small low voltage fan in the base powered from any USB socket.
There is no other device available like this and it has been invented and developed in South Wales.

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