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Training Do you want more sales?

Think about how YOU buy today! You research, mostly online, you gather information and then decide to approach prospective suppliers. That’s what your future customers are doing right now. How do you ensure your in their minds eye when they want to engage?

The roles and demarcation points between marketing and sales are blurring. #GDPR is coming. The whole organisation now needs to be involved with supporting each other, listening and crossing the silo’s to ensure your new business development process is effective and repeatable.

I will leave you with new ideas and processes around selling in today’s digital world, that you can implement in your businesses, and remain GDPR compliant.

More years than I care to remember working in technology companies – selling into international markets. I understand the sales process and why so many technical companies are so bad at it.

Teams that sell together, win together. Achieving sales excellence takes a village by Salesforce

Quote: “I would recommend Steve to anyone who wants to get the best results with their sales team” L. Narbeth MD – CherryBlue Ltd
Quote: ” We are seeing results because you engaged the whole team from the start and made further updates to your bespoke training based on their feedback after each session” N. Claxson – MD Comtec Enterprises Ltd
Interim Sales / Marketing Director
Quote: “Steve is a diligent, articulate, conscientious and highly perceptive sales professional”  F. Nedvidek – CEO Cube Optics AG

If you work with me I will guarantee one thing – you will learn – up to you if you implement.

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