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Why create a process…

October 3rd, 2018

It’s weird isn’t it, we simply produce a photograph… right?

Well, not if what you want is going to enhance your business profile, to work with your brand and to elevate your clients perception of your organisation.

What could we do? Well, we could just turn up, turn on our cameras and start to shoot what we think would look good based on the light or the location without ever asking you what is important, what do you want to show or portray?

What do we do? We have a conversation, we identify what works for your brand, we find out what your business tone of voice is and we either work with it or elevate it depending on why you want the photographs we create.  Some companies hire us when they are going through a re-brand, others when they change offices and others because they just want to feel fresh!  Our conversations are along the lines of… what works for you about what you have and what doesn’t?  What would drive a client to pick up the phone to you? What would make them want to get in touch?  Those are the parts of our photographic process that we can’t simply show through an image but it happens virtually every time.

Let’s have a chat and see if we can help you to present a stronger reason for your clients to call.



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