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Business is tough. Starting one, growing one, and even sustaining one. It takes time. But it could take less time (and considerably less stress) with the right team around you. That’s where EST HR services come in. Supporting you in taking on your first employee or support with managing a team that has been in place for some time.

One size doesn’t fit all and we will adapt so that we can best support you.  We pride ourselves on getting to know the businesses we work with well and prefer a personal touch.

Support can either be remote or on-site, where businesses may need us to deal with more complex HR situations.  All businesses receive our ‘free’ HR review of their current contracts of employment and policies or handbook. We can also carry out interviews on your behalf and our experienced trainers can design and deliver team development such as induction and HR training.

EST HR can provide HR advice/support on an ad hoc or a monthly retained basis.

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